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My team and I get asked a lot of questions about mindset, especially when speaking with Clients who want to level-up their lives.

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When to invest in property?

This is the question everybody wants to know.

Building a successful property investment portfolio is a long game not a short-term strategy. It involves having the right advice at hand and up-to-date knowledge of the housing market.

Property investing is a key part of the Prinden Method, a financial concept that can enable you to become financially free. Bricks and mortar investments can reap stable, long-term returns and give you security for your future. But there are many factors that need to be carefully checked before you take the plunge and invest into your first property.

So, how long will it take to see real profits?

You need to be in for the long haul when you’re investing in London property or elsewhere across the UK. Property investments should not be viewed as a quick profit; it’s safer to plan for a 15 – 20 year return. History tells us that property doubles in value in the UK every 10 years, and different geographical areas can be more buoyant than others. Local economic, social and environmental factors also need to be considered before purchasing any property.

As financial markets rise and fall, so do house prices, especially when there are changes to interest rates and legislation. Take the recent stamp duty holiday. We’ve seen the housing market fluctuate with generally more buyers than there are available properties. But in many cases, this has created a steep rise in the rental market with UK-wide investors benefiting.

Did you know, property is the only investment structure that gives you an income and capital appreciation, whilst protecting you against future inflation?

Post-pandemic life is also making an impact on the housing market. There are opportunities in both London property and elsewhere in the UK if you know where to look. According to Zoopla (September 2021)1, there has been the fastest rise of private rents outside of London for 13 years, but there is still a demand for city living. Even within the capital, rents are still seeing healthy growth, especially in desirable areas, rising between 5% and 25%.

How do you ‘start’ to grow your property portfolio now?

There are a few factors to consider before you invest in your new property empire. Firstly, think about your age and the average life span. It can be harder to get a mortgage after a certain age and your financial situation will have a big part to play in assessing your borrowing capacity. How much capital do you have for deposits, property improvements and operational expenditure?

Property investments should be something you can rent out immediately. or after a few weeks of light refurbishments. In addition, a great benefit with property investments is that it provides an option to take out money (tax-free) by increasing the mortgage.

How can we help you build your portfolio?

One of the reasons I set up Prinden was to prevent people from making common mistakes, especially in the area of property investing. I have personally built up a vast knowledge base in this area. I have picked a team that can help me support my clients, so they can make informed decisions about their property investments.

My team and I are here to help you build a successful property portfolio that works for your own personal and financial situation. Because everybody is different and has individual objectives. Working with us, you will be encouraged to deepen your knowledge base and expand your network to include those who will enhance your investment journey.

Property investing is likely to be a 15 – 20-year journey, but over that time, you will be building a guaranteed income which could ultimately lead you to financial freedom.

Join us on your investment journey and be part of the Prinden family; you’ll benefit from expert advice that will help you build your property portfolio. Book your free consultation with us today.

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