Considering a Golden Visa in the UAE? Understand These 8 Significant Advantages

The United Arab Emirates’ Golden Visa has gained substantial attention for offering a pathway to long-term residency in the region. But beyond this key benefit, there are several other advantages that are often overlooked. In this comprehensive overview, we delve into eight distinct perks of acquiring a UAE Golden Visa.

Long-term Residency with Renewal Options: One of the primary appeals of the Golden Visa is its long-term residency feature, allowing for a 10-year residence visa that is renewable. This offers considerable stability, particularly if you are planning to set down roots in the UAE. Moreover, renewal is straightforward provided you continue to meet the eligibility requirements initially stipulated.

Independence from Employer or Family Sponsorship: Traditional residency visas in the UAE typically necessitate sponsorship, either from an employer or a family member already residing in the UAE. The Golden Visa disrupts this norm by offering self-sponsorship. This flexibility can be particularly advantageous for professionals who may wish to change jobs without the cumbersome process of canceling and reissuing a visa through their new employer.

Flexibility in Residency: With most visas, your residency in the UAE becomes void if you are absent from the country for more than six months. The Golden Visa removes this constraint, offering unparalleled flexibility to travel outside the UAE without jeopardizing your resident status.

Enhanced Family Sponsorship Options: The Golden Visa provides more inclusive options for family sponsorship, allowing male children up to the age of 25 to be sponsored, with no age limit for children with special needs. Additionally, family members remain under sponsorship even in the unfortunate event of the primary Golden Visa holder’s death, offering added security for dependents.

Unrestricted Sponsorship of Domestic Workers: While other visa categories place limitations on the number of domestic workers you can sponsor, the Golden Visa has no such restrictions, allowing you to adequately meet your household needs.

Special Provision for Initial Entry: If you’re in the process of securing a Golden Visa but are currently residing outside the UAE, there is a specialized six-month multiple-entry visa available. This enables you to complete any necessary paperwork and fulfill application requirements while physically present in the UAE. Streamlined Process for Acquiring a Driving License: Golden Visa holders in Dubai with a valid driving license from their home country can bypass the usually mandatory driving lessons. Upon registering at a driving institute in Dubai, you are eligible to directly apply for the knowledge and road tests, thus expediting the acquisition of a UAE driving license.

Tailored Health Insurance Packages: Full-time employees will continue to be covered by their employer’s health insurance policies. However, Golden Visa holders who are freelancers, investors, or residing abroad will have the option to purchase exclusive health insurance packages provided by the Dubai Health Authority, with premiums starting at competitively low rates.