Resources For Limitless

Resources for Limitless Clients


“We educate our driven Clients to accomplish their financial dreams” ~ James Prince

At Prinden we like to simplify things to maximise your wealth.

We’ve broken down all the aspects of what you need to do to achieve your own financial freedom into 4 levels.

You’ve reached the top tier – Limitless.

You’re not here by chance, you’ve developed a wealth mindset and understand how your money is working for you.

At Prinden we want to widen that knowledge and your capabilities further, let’s consider 5X, 10X, 20X and beyond!

Next Steps

James has a unique welcome video for you with topics such as:

– Developing a global multi-property portfolio for your future generations
– Succession planning and creating a legacy
– Collaborating with other Limitless clients
– Structuring your corporation
– Inheritance and Income Tax
– Interesting Pre- IPOs and Start-Ups to invest in

We’re here to support you

You can revisit this page at any time to recap on the video.

If you’d like to watch the videos from the Explorer, Go Getter and Rising Star levels, they are here:

Explorer Videos

Go Getter Videos

Rising Star Videos

There will also be exclusive Prinden event invites coming your way and networking opportunities with fellow Limitless Clients.

You now have direct access to James through monthly meetings and if you have any questions between those, you can email him directly.