Resources For Rising Stars

Resources for Rising Stars


“We educate our driven Clients to accomplish their financial dreams” ~ James Prince


At Prinden we like to simplify things to maximise your wealth.

We’ve broken down all the aspects of what you need to do to achieve your own financial freedom into 4 levels.

Congratulations for reaching the Rising Star level; this is where you can harness the power of all three elements of the Prinden Method; Business, Property and Investing, to create your life-changing wealth plan.

James explains your next steps in these videos and how you can rise up and become financially free.

Next Steps

You can now unlock the door to Stage 2 investing with Prinden, growing your investment from $50k to $250k. It’s also time to investigate what a property portfolio might look like for you.

Property Investments

The Property element of The Prinden Method gathers pace at the Rising Star level.

In this video from James, he explains some things to consider when investing in property:

– Why you’re buying
– Where to buy
– Amount available for a deposit
– Buy off plan or renovate?
– Type of Tenants
– Rental income (yield)
– Capital appreciation (value of property)


Investing in a business can be 5-10x the initial investment, but the risk and reward are proportionate.

Hear from James why it’s also a healthy way to keep the mind stimulated, spark ideas and interactions with new people.

We’re here to support you

You can revisit this page at any time to recap on the videos that will grow your wealth.

If you’d like to watch the videos from the Explorer and Go Getter levels, they are here:

Explorer Videos

Go Getter Videos

Once you’re investing over $1m with Prinden, we can elevate your level to Limitless, where you’ll have monthly meetings with James, exclusive Prinden event invites and networking opportunities with fellow Limitless Clients.

If you have any questions, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.